Rebekka Ling



‘Be Alright’ is a personal story about vulnerability, which many can relate to in these times. A universal feeling. Moving from the heart or brain in day to day life and finding true connections with others when you show who you are in this world.
An uplifting, soulful broken beat track that will take you on a feel good energy trip for a moment!

Download/streaming available now!

Composed & arranged by Glenn Gaddum jr., Rebekka Ling
Written by Rebekka Ling
Produced, mixed and mastered by Glenn Gaddum jr

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06-21-19 Recording of The Friday Night Groove on 88.3 WXOU FM featuring an exclusive interview with Amsterdam based artist, Rebekka Ling.
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EP Paris - Susanne Alt & Eric Faria ft. Rebekka Ling, release July 19th

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  1. All I Know
  2. Travel Light
  3. Fly Away
  4. Next To Me
  5. Movin On
  6. Love Will Linger
  7. Linger On
  8. Missing You
  9. Higher
  10. Without Love 11. Here To Stay
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